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5 Quick Steps To Look Like The Super Mom You Are

Even if you have a great skin post birth, it’s best to take care of your skin on a regular basis to avoid looking fatigued. Skin care after delivery is important. Follow this 5 step quick daily regime for your skin and hair to continue looking like a Supermom:

  1. Cleanse:

Use a mild cleanser twice a day, to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh.

  1. Moisturize:

Apply a lightweight moisturizer twice a day, to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Use a separate eye cream for dark circles or puffy eyes.

  1. Protect:

Shield your skin from the sun by using a sunscreen. It also helps to keep acne and pigmentation away.

  1. Exfoliate:

Once a week, use a mild scrub with soft granules to remove the dead cells from your skin. It helps to lighten dark spots and reduce acne as well.

  1. Hair Care:

Wash your hair twice or thrice a week with an anti-hair loss shampoo and don’t forget to condition.

Visit and share your concerns with your doctor if any skin or hair issue is bothering you. You may need medical help if the problem is severe. The key to healthy skin and hair post pregnancy is to stay calm, happy and stress-free! Enjoy your time as a mother and let your body recover naturally.

Original article: https://www.momjunction.com/articles/tips-take-care-skin-hair-post-pregnancy_0084644/