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Around Kids: Marie Perriere

After five years at MilK Magazine, Marie Perriere founded Rue Lajeunesse, a family-friendly communication agency with a client base of fashion brands with a sustainable approach. Mother of a three-year-old boy, Tristan, and expecting a second child, Marie lives in Nice in an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean.

Did your son’s arrival change your habits, your style? 

Well, I really think it’s rather my years spent within the editorial staff of MilK Magazine that radically changed my vision of fashion and my spending habits. I realized how hard small designers work to get by and how diverse the offerings are. The arrival of my son Tristan only confirmed this trend. 

How do you shop for him and yourself?

For him, I buy a lot of second hand clothes, mainly online but we’re also lucky enough to have a nice second hand store in Nice, the Petit K, where we often go. Otherwise, I am very selective in my choice of clothes for him because I know exactly what I want! I look for quality (a 3 year old tends to put clothes to the test ;), comfortable but colorful, fun. It is often said that there is less choice for boys than for girls, but in reality, when you know a little about the children’s fashion market, there is plenty to enjoy!

For summer, I love the colorful Lucas du Tertre shirts. For all the basics, I subscribe to Gamin Gamine, which offers cool unisex looks, to be received every month. He also has many caps, of all colors, for summer and winter! For me, I really try to consume less but better. No more fast fashion but rather sustainable pieces! Currently pregnant, I’m really trying to limit myself to pieces that I can put back on afterwards, like the ones from Jolibump.

What does your home look like? His bedroom?

I would love to say minimalist but that would be a lie! We have a lot of books, travel souvenirs and small decoration items… We’re pretty much collectors! But I think it’s warm and full of life. Since we live in Nice, we are lucky enough to have a bright flat, with a view on the Mediterranean Sea that I’m happy to see every morning. 

Tristan’s room is not very big but he really loves it. He has lots of baskets to store his different toys, a big wooden garage that has his heart and a crane that takes up half the room 😉 We opted for a wooden bed from Charlie Crane and a little Tip Toe desk. There are many colors and many (many) books in his bedroom. It opens onto a large terrace that doubles as a playroom.

How are you organized for going out?

I have a kit filled with little toys, stickers, pencils, that I only take out to restaurants! Tristan is always happy to find it back and it keeps him busy… for a while 😉 For the rest, I improvise!

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