Golf May Be a Recipe for Longevity

If you’re a senior, playing golf regularly may do more than improve

Blood Thinners, Bleeding Tied to Colon Cancer Risk

Gastrointestinal bleeding in patients taking blood thinners for an irregular heartbeat should

Medical ‘Yarn’ Is Made From Human Skin

“Yarn” made from human skin that could be used in a number

New Study Says Lower Age of First Colonoscopy

The rate of colon cancer among Americans spikes sharply between the ages

Winter Beauty: 15 Products That Will KeepYour Skin Smooth & Hydrated AllSeason Long

Now that the new year & winter are both here – its

Sleep Deprivation a Big Drain on the Brain

If you feel like you can’t think straight after a sleepless night,

Can What You Eat Help Manage Your Moods?

Could eating a diet rich in leafy greens and seafood help manage

Denise Richards Goes Makeup-Free WhileCuddling With Her Hunky Husband AaronPhypers In Montana

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend appeared to have done a number on Denise

Porsha Williams Debuts Short Blonde HairMakeover – Before & After Pics

Category is… feeling pretty! Porsha Williams, 38, exuded a ton of confidence

Former Superyacht of Fugitive Businessman Jho Low Hits the Market

The 300-foot “Tranquility” comes with a large spa suite, piano and helipad

Largest Penthouse in Star-Studded 443 Greenwich Lists for $57 Million

The largest penthouse loft at Tribeca’s star-studded 443 Greenwich Street is back

Manhattan Buyers Sour on Trophy Homes

Two Manhattan condos asking over $30 million went into contract last week,

Does Your Microbiome Hold the Keys to Losing Pounds?

When Howard Wolinsky was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he expected to

Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner Are Totally Twinning in Matching First-Class Styles

Kylie Jenner is back.
After experiencing a bit of a health scare

Get Ready for Season 6 of Simplify

If September’s back-to-school mindset makes you crave ideas as fresh as your

How To Start A Profitable Side Hustle (Without Giving Up Your Day Job)

So much advice about achieving your dreams seems to forget the notion

FDA OKs New Pill for Type 2 Diabetes

A new pill to lower blood sugar for people with type 2

Billions of ‘Microplastics’ in Each Plastic Teabag

A new study warns that even your soothing cup of tea might

Is There a Safer Way to Sterilize Medical Equipment?

In 2005, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered banning ethylene oxide in

A Drink a Day Might Be Good for Diabetics’ Health

Chinese researchers may deserve a toast for their new findings that suggest

Here’s how much your current iPhone is worth if you’re trading it in for an iPhone 11

Apple’s iPhone 11 models are official, which means we know exactly how

5 Strategies to Help You Master the Week Ahead

Sometimes it feels like if you don’t get control of Monday, you

Fact Behind the Fiction: The Book That Inspired George Orwell’s 1984

1984, the dystopian novel by George Orwell, gets namechecked a lot these

Why Speaking The Right Love Language Can Solve 90% Of Your Relationship Problems

You probably speak the same language as your romantic partner. But what

Best Foods for Those with Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is officially known as hypotension. (High blood pressure is

Mark Wahlberg, 48, Proudly Proves ‘Age Is Just A Number’ Showing Off Epic 6 Pack & Tom Brady Is In Awe

Mark Wahlberg, 48, is looking better than ever! The hunky actor showed

This is Your Brain on Discounts: The Science of Why We’re Slaves to a Sale

In 1869 the store’s savvy owner, Aristide Boucicaut, introduced a novel component

Have Millennials Mastered the Art of Communication in Relationships?

You don’t need to look far these days to find that millennials

Tom Bergeron Slams Sean Spicer’s Casting on Dancing With the Stars

It’s safe to say Tom Bergeron won’t be giving this year’s Dancing

25 Tips for a Better Beach Day With Your Kids

Sea breezes, sunshine, the gentle sound of waves—oh, yeah, and your toddler

How to Treat Head Lice

‘Tis the season for pesky head lice. Check out this round-up of

We Are a Family with Anxiety

I’d been go-go-go all my life, but when my preschooler was struggling

I Hate Being a Mom, But I Love My Kid

Frustrated and exhausted from taking care of her newborn daughter, Erin* worried

YouTuber Marina Joyce Is Found 10 Days After She Went Missing

YouTube star Marina Joyce has been located, ten days after she was

Methanol-Tainted Alcohol Could It Happen Here

The number of suspected deaths from tainted alcohol in Costa Rica has

Understanding Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Prevention

How Can I Prevent Anxiety?
If you suffer from an anxiety disorder,

Warm Bath Can Send You Off to a Sound Slumber

Here’s a win-win for all those bath lovers who struggle with poor

Taco Seasoning Recall

A Kansas food company ordered the recall of two kinds of taco

Royal Baby Collection

“Believe in the possibility of the impossible.” From our family to yours

Free up space on your laptop by moving all your files to the cloud

Disk space is always at a premium—especially as we amass more and

Pick the best produce with these science tricks

If you’ve ever stared at a pyramid of watermelons and just grabbed

Addicted to the internet Behavioral therapy could work, researchers find

Many people spend hours on the internet every week — but some

California Mom Gives Newborn Twins a Toy Story-Themed Photo Shoot — and It’s Beyond Adorable

With a new generation of children being introduced to the beloved characters

‘When They See Us’ makes a powerful case to be seen

The miscarriage of justice that surrounded the Central Park Five should by

Daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks no longer recommended for older adults

If you’re a healthy older adult looking for ways to reduce your

Heart disease can have long-term impact on the brain, study says

Patients who receive a diagnosis of coronary heart disease are at higher

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 release date NEWS Nintendo drops major Switch gameplay hint

ZELDA Breath of the Wild 2 is announced for Nintendo Switch during

6 Foods That Naturally Cleanse the Liver

The liver is one of the hardest working organs you have. It

WHO Work Burnout, Gaming Addiction Are Diseases

Work burnout is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, and gaming addiction is

That Selfie May Be Epic, But Not Worth Your Life

The bison seemed to be paying no attention to Brandi Burgess. On

Within 72 hours, abortion may be unavailable in Missouri, advocates warn

Come Friday Missouri may be the first state in the United States

Reading the tea leaves about whether drinking green tea is good for you

A lot of little lifestyle decisions can have a big impact on

Majority of sunscreens would flunk proposed FDA safety tests, report to say

Nearly two-thirds of all sunscreens evaluated by the Environmental Working Group would

Is It Safe To Have Energy Drinks While Breastfeeding

Energy drinks give you instant energy. They are tasty too. But they

Tips to Prevent Tooth and Mouth Injuries

Injuries to the teeth and mouth are common. Approximately 80% of dental

Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

People struggle to quit smoking for years. Follow the link it gives

Antibiotic Alternative A Virus to Fight Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are the culprits behind the infectious diseases that plague

These 7 Amazing Herbs Will Get You Back on Track!

Feeling stressed out? A long list-to-do, deadlines, traffic jams, exhaustion, not enough

Herbs to Improve Digestion

Proper digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients is very important to nourish

7 Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home

There are plenty of products to choose from when it comes to


Folate and folic acid are forms of a water-soluble B vitamin. Folate

How to Deal With Menopause Symptoms

Keep a diary to track what sets off your hot flashes. Caffeine?

Even ‘Weekend Warriors’ Get a Boost To Life Span

Daily exercise may be the ideal, but even weekend workouts might prolong

Natural Herbs and Plants for Headache Treatment

Headache, arguably, is the most common form of pointless pain most people

Camera drone folds up to the size of a smartphone

There’s a ton of stuff to appreciate about that Holy Stone HS160

iOS 13 will reportedly bring the iPad a step closer to replacing laptops

Apple has been touting the iPad as a viable laptop replacement for

Wake up, people You’re fooling yourself about sleep, study says

Hey, sleepyheads. What you believe about sleep may be nothing but a

Weighted Blankets

Falling asleep wasn’t the problem for Aubrianna Veitz, 27, of Pittsburgh. “However,

Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Her New Baby and Figuring Things Out

Carrie Underwood may be a country music superstar and multiple Grammy Award

Should you skip dessert if you’re trying to lose weight

As a nutritionist helping people shed pounds, I often recommend incorporating portion-controlled

What Germans Get Right About Productivity

Frühstück, Rechnung, quatschen, and VoKuHiLa are among the hundreds of colorful words

These 5 Evening Routines Help You Wake Up Happy

Many successful people swear by their morning routine as the key to

How to Give Your Broken Heart a Little TLC

In Old English, the word ‘heart’ had multiple meanings: breast, soul, spirit,

Best supplements for weight loss – the 1p a day natural capsules to prevent weight gain

WEIGHT LOSS supplements could help overweight or obese patients with their diet

Horoscope March

HOROSCOPES: Russell Grant has shared his weekly horoscope reading for all 12

Pound workouts

Pound, an exercise class with rock-star flair, is quickly gaining fans. The

Meet Sophia The robot

The field of robotics is fast-growing. Robots can now perform complicated movements

Game of Thrones Final Season Episode Lengths Officially Revealed

Just how much Game of Thrones is left? HBO officially revealed there

Fight a cold by … eating yogurt

This winter, there’s a good chance you might be looking for anything

Getting kids into college poses ethical quandary for many

The Justice Department’s recent indictment of dozens of parents for lying, cheating

How to lose your love handles

If you ask almost any fitness professional how to lose your love

A Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Whether you’re swimming with sharks or leaping off the roof of a

Bitcoin for Everyone!

You can’t hold it, you can’t smell it, and unfortunately, you can’t

Sick Season headache for Parents

What Are Headaches?
A headache is pain felt somewhere in the head

‘Hoarders’ Expert Reveals….

There aren’t many of us who can click past the A&E show

Littlecat MASTER

Not every cat can be an outdoor cat, but that shouldn’t stop

PetNet SmartFeeder

Like exercise, diet is an important factor in providing your pet with

Walking dogs is sending older people to the ER, study says

Maintaining an exercise regimen as you age is important, and having a

Facebook Just Announced a Plan to Crack Down on Anti-Vaxxers

In news that is sure to rock many a stormy mom group,

Bill Gates Reads 50 Books A Year – Find Out Why

In an interview with The New York Times in 2016, Bill Gates

5 Life-Changing Books Recommended By Top CEOs

Reading nonfiction is one of the easiest ways to learn new things,

Going on a Ski Safari in the Dolomites

You’ve done Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Big Sky. For a less predictable

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite, Designed by Damien Hirst

When you pull into the front driveway of Palms Casino Resort in

Hamish Bowles Uncovers a Secret Garden in Venice

The high tide had recently flooded the city’s streets and plazas, but

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 is important when it comes to healthy function of the

5 Quick Steps To Look Like The Super Mom You Are

Even if you have a great skin post birth, it’s best to

What to eat to beat a hangover

You’re enjoying beer, cocktails or some bubbly with friends, and before you

Weight loss interventions that work Lifestyle changes

Do you have pounds to lose but don’t have a weight loss

Fun Ideas For The Coolest Frozen Days

Make an ice-light – A Finnish tradition
Requirements – bucket, water, large

Take Out the Toxins from Your Body Subah Jain

Heavy Metals in popular foods

Nearly half of 45 fruit juices tested had elevated levels of heavy

Fertility Apps

If you are planning to get pregnant, start with the ovulation calculators

Benefits of outdoor winter exercise

Plummeting temperatures and less daylight cause many people to cut back significantly

How to ‘cheat’ on your diet without ruining it

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so with just about every

Maternity Bras with Cherry Healey and Zoe De Pass – Mothercare

Cherry and Zoe talk Maternity Bras! Pregnancy bras, sleep bras and nursing.

Exercise and Weight Loss

It’s a fact: You have to burn more calories than you eat

Small Towns Offer Clues to Life Expectancy Drop

Along the Virginia-Tennessee border, near Virginia’s southwestern tip, you can find a

Nutrition Facts Glossary and Definitions

Calories. The number of calories listed on a food label tells you

14 Best and Worst Foods for Your Liver

Food with lots of fiber can help your liver work at

Brain Foods That Help You Concentrate

Listen to the buzz about foods and dietary supplements, and you’ll believe

Great Fall Activities to Do with Your Baby

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season. The cooler temperatures, the

Losing weight after the birth

In the first few days after you give birth, you’ll lose some weight