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Toys and Babies

Infants most of the time likes to look and touch at objects around him. When grown three to four months, they may be accidentally batting toys with his hands or feet, and by four to six months they will intentionally try to touch and grasp objects near them. During the earliest months, best thing to do is to hang mobiles from your baby’s crib or ceiling. You can also put a safe mirror against the side of the crib, or secure a colorful pinwheel to the hood of the baby stroller.

 Once he or she can grasp objects, the toys you provide should be soft and non – toxic, because babies will try to chew them or bump them. By doing this you protect them from harm. When your baby is able to sit up, it is good to attach a busy box to the side of his crib. He or she will enjoy those with buttons, dials, pop-ups, and other things they can control.

Babies also like musical toys, stuffed animals, squeeze toys, soft cars and trucks, large balls, and cloth or cardboard books. Making books for them is good idea. You can do this by slipping pictures of your family and things he likes into a photo album. Be sure to check the links below for toys and other accessories to keep your little one occupied.