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Feeding, bathing, and entertaining

As the title goes, here is small guide to baby needed essentials.

Baby bath: You need something to wash your baby in. Changing tables that converted to infant baths used to be common, but many parents don’t have the room for them. You’ll need something to set in the big bathtub, at least until your baby can sit up by himself. A bath support is a ramp that baby can lie back on that holds her at a 45-degree angle so his or hers head are safely kept out of the water. There are many different styles and you — and your baby — may prefer one type to another, so shop around.

Bouncy chair or infant seat: Most kids have spent time in a bouncy chair or infant seat, this is a baby chair that your baby can safely watch you go about your every day from a better angle. These seats are very handy, portable and easy to clean, and babies can even sit outside while you’r doing outside activities. Some have built-in vibrating mechanisms that calm a fussy baby, while others have activity trays that keep baby busy. These seats come with safety straps, they should be used every time you put the baby in it.

High chair: When your little ones  starts solids, you’re going to need somewhere where they can sit to be fed. There are many different high-chair models, from chairs with an ergonomic designs made of wood that hasn’t been treated with chemicals to chairs with more levers and straps than a space shuttle. Having a detachable tray that you can take off and clean regularly is essential, as are safety straps so you can be sure she isn’t going to wriggle her way out of it and get hurt. As an alternative to a high chair, you may want to use a model that attaches to your table.

Swing: Baby swings can be lifesavers if you have a fussy baby because the constant movement soothes him, although watching it — and listening to it squeak and play the same horrific tune over and over — may drive you crazy.

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