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Stop Your Child From Biting And Pinching

Do your child bites you or another person? Then don’t bite him back with punishments. There are better ways to handle such behavior. Children are too young and immature to even understand their own emotions. Don’t tag your child as a bully or troublemaker if you find him pinching or biting others.

Why Children Bite Others?

Biting is a common problem in most kids, and the reasons may vary, from natural to induced. Children often use ‘boundary testing’ methods to find out what will happen if they act in a particular way. Children are not efficient enough to articulate or achieve what they really want and as a result of frustration or disappointment, they might resort to such behavior. In most cases, biting is an indication of some other deep-rooted issue and as a parent, it is your duty to find and treat it.

All said and done, you cannot be a mute spectator if your child is a biter! Immediate attention is required in such a case, and you should take appropriate steps to change this habit in a constructive and positive manner.

Try our simple ways to stop biting and pinching in your child:

  1. Don’t React, Always Act:

As a parent, it is extremely silly if you get angry and shout at your child. Since you are the adult here, you should rise above the initial urge to yell or point blame. The best option is to calm yourself first by taking a deep breath Remove your child from the scene, and take him to a neutral place If you scream at your child, he will react with more aggressive behavior.

  1. Calm Your Child First, Question Later:

Instead of throwing questions on his erratic behavior, let him calm down and then start with your questions. Take him away from the spot and ask him to sit quietly Let all his frustration and anger subside Only after that, you should find out the reasons for such behavior

  1. Teach Them To Be Empathetic:

Always teach your child that such an act can hurt others. Ask him how it would feel if someone behaved with him in a same manner. Let him understand on his own that his act was not at all in good terms. This is the right time to tell your child that if he repeats the act, it shall call for harsh treatment.

  1. Be Proactive:

It is better to be ready than sorry! Be aware of your kid’s “bite triggers”. Keep a check on which particular acts triggers such behavior. Does your child bite or pinch when he has to share toys? Or it is when your kid playing with older children? Whenever such a situation occurs make sure that you are ready with solutions to avoid biting or pinching behavior.

  1. Look Out For Better Company:

Many a times, children learn such behavior from seeing other children doing so. If you find that your child is learning unwanted things from his friends, then keep him away from such company. Try to find out better friends for him whom you know properly. A child, mostly learns from others actions so ensure good company.

  1. Seek Advice From Others:

As it is a very common problem, seek a support group as other parents may be able to help you. Ask their Playgroup supervisors or your friends who have same age children. Sometimes, their advice may help you to overcome such behavior. By sharing your concern with others you may be happy to know that you are not the only one suffering.

  1. Teach Them Problem Solving Skills:

Sometimes, a child needs a productive conversation to make him understand why certain things are wrong. Tell your kid there are alternate ways of working things out, instead of resorting to biting. Give him situations which make him angry and show him how he can deal with it in an alternative manner. Teach him good manners and make them realize that biting and pinching is bad.

  1. Don’t Expect Results Overnight:

It is a part of growing up; so be patient and do not lose hope. Don’t get anxious or angry if by explaining your child twice or thrice does not change the situation. It requires several repetitions before children learn to forget an old habit and adapt to the correct behavior. In time, with your support and guidance, your child will overcome it.

Problems of physical aggression in the form of biting, pinching, pulling hair and spitting are quite common among children. It shall subside with growing age. However, the key to deal with such situation is to address the behavior and apply corrective actions as and when needed.

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