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Carrots For Kids – Health Benefits

Carrot Nutrition Facts

Carrot is one of the most popular vegetables because it is easy to grow and healthy too. Here is why you should include carrot in your child’s everyday diet. Carrot is rich in beta-carotene, an essential nutrient that enables healthy growth in children. Beta carotene plays a significant role in building immunity and also has anti-aging properties.

Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body, which is essential for enabling night vision Carrots are rich in thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6 Carrots have dietary fiber, which slows the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream They are a source of manganese, and vitamins C and K. Fresh carrot roots have high content of vitamin C and provide 9% of RDA.

Carrots are also rich in minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and phosphorous Research by the University of Newcastle revealed that carrots also have high content of falcarinol, an antioxidant that can help fight certain types of cancers It is a known fact that these are healthy. But in what way are they? Here are the carrot benefits for kids and adults alike.

  1. Improves vision:

A WHO report suggested that around 250,000 to 500,000 children who lack vitamin A turn blind every year. The fact is vitamin A is essential for good vision. The good news is that this vitamin is abundantly available in carrots. Carrots have beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A in the liver cells. Eating carrots every day can improve eyesight and prevent the risk of eye-related disorders, such as night blindness.

  1. Prevents macular degeneration:

Eating carrots prevents the risk of macular degeneration in kids. Carrots supply a good amount of beta-carotene, which helps lower the risk of macular degeneration by 40%. Also, beta-carotene splits to form pro-vitamin A, which possesses vision-related antioxidant properties needed for good vision and sharp eyesight.

  1. Healthy skin:

Carrots have beta-carotene which is a pigment that gives the vegetable its color. Beta carotene also gives your skin a healthy glow, while vitamin A and the antioxidants in the vegetable protect your skin from sun damage. Vitamin A deficiency also results in brittle hair, nails, and dry skin. A healthy diet that includes carrots can also slow down aging, as beta-carotene helps in repairing skin cell damage due to metabolism.

  1. Promotes digestion and prevents constipation:

Carrots contain high amounts of dietary fiber and promote digestion. Also, fiber stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and ensures smooth bowel movements. So, eating carrots prevents constipation and other stomach disorders.

  1. Cures diarrhea:

Carrots help cure your kids’ diarrhea quickly and effectively. Drinking carrot soup or juice a few times every day helps compensate for loss of water.

  1. Eliminates intestinal worms:

Carrots also help eliminate intestinal worms that thrive in your angel’s stomach. Consuming carrot soup or mashed up carrot helps her cure stomach disturbances resulting due to intestinal worms.

  1. Improves memory:

Carrots are also known to play a significant role in cognitive development. They contain a compound called luteolin, which can prevent brain inflammation and gradual memory loss that comes with age.

  1. Cleanses the body:

One of the best things about carrots as a snack is that they are low in cholesterol. That is not all. Carrots help remove the bad cholesterol or fat from the liver, while maintaining the bile levels in the organ. Including carrots in your diet can help you cleanse the body of toxins. The dietary fiber in the vegetable helps in keeping the colon clean and quickens the elimination of waste.

  1. Healthy teeth:

Have you ever wondered why we eat raw carrot sticks after a meal? Carrots are natural abrasives that help in cleaning the teeth. They clear the plaque from the gums and the teeth, removing any bad odor created by the foods we eat. Calcium and other minerals that carrots have fight off germs and keep the teeth healthy and clean. The bottom line is that carrot is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals which will do your child a world of good. So make it a part of their diet and encourage them to eat it often.

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