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Sleep safety rules

Many times we think how our babies will sleep. Will they be comfortable in this position or maybe the other way? Here are some tips to help you with your thoughts on this subject.

1  Place baby on her back.
That goes for naptime and nighttime. Your little one can practice tummy time while she’s awake and supervised.

2  Skip the pillows, extra covers and stuffed animals.
They could obstruct breathing or result in overheating, so stick to a simple fitted sheet and wearable blanket.

3  Put baby in her own sleep space.
You can share a room—in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that for the first six months of life you do—but you should not share a bed. Opt for a bassinet, co-sleeping device or travel bed instead.

4  Make sure that sleep space is a firm one.
Pillow-top mattresses, waterbeds, sofa cushions and similarly plush surfaces are a no-go.

5  Stop swaddling as soon as baby starts trying to roll.
Your wee one will need those chubby arms free to help lift her head and roll herself back over.

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