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Buckle your baby

You can buy the most expensive and top rated seats, but even they can’t be safe if not used properly. We put together a few tips on how to buckle your little passenger safely and properly.

Right height
Adjust the shoulder straps, so they start at or below baby’s shoulder height. (This is the preferred position for rear- facing car seats.)

Pit stop
Position the chest clip at armpit level. It should be high enough to keep the shoulder straps in place but shouldn’t rest against baby’s chin.

Pinch proof
Pull the shoulder straps snug, so there’s no extra slack to pinch. If you can fit two stacked fingers between a strap and your baby, it’s too loose.

Tuck in
Remove bulky jackets and sweaters, which can compromise a car seat’s effectiveness. If you’re concerned about baby’s warmth, tuck a blanket around her—and over the harness—after she’s strapped in.

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Original article :  http://www.pnmag.com/mom-baby/baby-care/security-check/

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