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Choosing the right stroller

When you decide to buy a stroller, safety and practicability comes first. So just like buying a car, your decision should be based on how you would use the stroller. Many things come in play here. Some parents want more space, comfort and so on. But whatever you choose to buy and fit your requirements, first need to fit your budget. Here are few pointers on how to choose the right stroller for your baby.

Safety first:

  • The harness needs to have a five point system so your baby will be strapped well.
  • The harness needs to have cushions for more comfortability.
  • And watch for pinch points were your baby can jam his or hers tiny fingers or toes.   

How you will use it:

  • If you want longer walks on the roads, then your stroller needs to have well – cushioned seats and good shock absorbers. Keep in mind these types are bigger and bulkier but they keep your baby well protected.
  • For shorts walks or shopping trips, your choice should be smaller, more compact and easily folding stroller. These types can be fitted in your car boot with no trouble.

What to feature:

You can always choose what features your stroller will have.

Seats can vary from many model and brands. There are many options to explore and choose from. Your choice will make your baby stroller time enjoyable.

Seat positions are good option for where your baby will be facing while in the stroller. Some are flexible, while others are not. So if you want one so you can chat with your baby look one with a parent facing option.

Snack tray can come in handy. Whether you feed your little one or not, a snack tray is always a good choice.

After your options and choices are made, you can look for other accessories to feature in your baby stroller. There are whole bunch of them, to name a few Sun Canopy, Rain Cover, Wind cover, Storage Basket, Pockets, Parent Tray, iPod holder, Speakers, Converts to diaper changing station, Extendable handlebar etc. Whatever you choose you can always take some out and put them back again, according to your needs.

We hope this small list will help you in your decision for a perfect baby stroller.

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