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Schedule my baby’s feedings

New born babies don’t have the ability to control or postpone their needs. When they’re hungry or in need to be comforted, they desire immediate attention and gratification. By respondin to your infant’s needs, like providing him or her food and comfort, your baby begins to trust his or hers world and to feel some small ability to affect what happens to her. If your baby’s cries for food are ignored, they have no way to satisfy themselfs.

One way is to feed your infant on demand. This is one way to meet your baby’s needs and this also helps for parents and babies to be calmer, quieter and more relaxed. Compared to babies who are fed on schedule, the mentioned approach is better. When babies are fed on demand they cry less. While scheduled feeding brings more crying and noisy situations. This happens because when baby is hungry or want comfort they seek attention. By meeting his or hers needs you put a stop to the attention seeking. But if you don’t to this that your baby will cry until fed, comforted or just cry itself to sleep.

Keep in mind your baby can never overfeed, they drink the amount they need, not more or less. So no worries a demand fed babies are always ones who are not noisy compared to scheduled ones.

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