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Baby time

Spending time with your baby is often understood as all work and no play. Every time you make a diaper change is an opportunity to have some fun with your little one. Besides the usual chores and jobs you do with your baby, you can hang out together in other ways that are just good old-fashioned fun. Try these suggestions : 

Bathing with your baby can be a little nerve wracking at first, but is a good and fun way to spend some time together. Make sure to have a towel close by of someone who can assist bring it to you.

Rubbing the tummy of your baby is good activity for spending time together and also helps your baby develop core strength.

Taking to babies is a great idea. They get used to the sound of their environment and people around them.

Reading is another activity that helps to be more time with your baby and also by hearing and seeing pictures, colors and shapes they learn little by little for the world around them.

When you sing to your baby it helps them relax. There are many baby songs out there and you can always make your own. No worries they don’t understand what you sing just enjoy the tune so be creative with your singing.

These are just some of the activities you can do with you baby, you can always think on other interesting and fun ways to spend more time with your baby.

Photo credit: pruzhevskaya.photo on Visualhunt /CC BY