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Orbit Baby G3

Orbit Baby’s G3 Infant Car Seat offers state-of-the-art safety features and side-impact protection for your baby, as well as a parent-friendly design. Dock and rotate your baby on Orbit Baby’s patented SmartHub™ ring system in one back-saving motion into the car, onto the Stroller Base, or onto the Rocker Base. The Car Seat Base makes installation simple, safe, and secure for both our infant and toddler car seats: install the Car Seat Base in under a minute, just by turning the patented StrongArm™ knob. For more information and buying option click here.

One of the most chemically-safe car seats you can buy, the G3 Infant Car Seat includes fabric certified clean by Oeko-Tex. The only car seat system that saves your back by easy docking at any angle into the car, your Stroller Base, and onto the Rocker Base Infant Car Seat features full coverage UV sunshade with convenient patented Paparazzi Shield™ sunshade extension that tucks away into sunshade Patented upholstery design removes easily for machine-washing and is made of breathable, soft-touch fabric for comfort during summer months BFR-free: you expect non-toxic products for your baby, and Orbit Baby’s infant car seat uses materials free of BFR (Brominated Flame Retardants) Clean and green: we use orbitgreen™ fabrics certified healthy and clean by Oeko-Tex, ensuring they are easier on your baby’s skin.

Family-flexible: when your child outgrows the Infant Car Seat, dock and rotate your Toddler Car Seat rear-facing on the Car Seat Base already in your car Patented StrongArm™ allows for a secure Car Seat Base installation in less than 60 seconds, with just the turn of a knob Infant Car Seat also docks onto the Helix Plus Double Stroller Upgrade Kit Upon request: complimentary Lower Birth Weight Fit Kit, developed with CPS Technicians to better fit pre-term and lower-birth-weight infants (available on request, for the cost of shipping & handling) The Car Seat Base’s patented SmartHub™ ring provides 360-degree security in the car, and its aerospace-grade aluminum backbone provides unparalleled strength The G3 Infant Car Seat is approved for use without the base and in airplanes with seat belts Specifications: Weight Rating: Infant Car Seat G3 for children 4 – 30 lbs (1.8 – 13.6 kg) and 19 – 32 in (48 – 81 cm) | Use the Lower Birth Weight Fit kit to improve the harness fit for low birth weight babies Car Seat Base works with generation-one, G2 and G3 Orbit Baby infant car seats; Car Seat Base works with G2 and G3 toddler car seats; see car seat for weight rating with base Product Dimensions: Infant Car Seat interior width: 8.5 / 12 in (22 / 30 cm) Infant Car Seat interior side depth: 12 in (30 cm) Infant Car Seat harness slot heights: 8 in / 10 in / 12 in (20 cm / 25 cm / 30 cm) Car Seat Base length, from back to knob: 20.5 in (52 cm) Car Seat Base width: 14 in (35 cm) Product Weight: Infant Car Seat: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

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