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Young children explore a lot, so childproofing is very important to protect them from their exploring nature. Every object a child can touch and reach it can be a danger. Children of three, four and sometimes older do this to get to know their surroundings. But by doing this they can hurt themselves.

As said before young children have such a strong natural compulsion to touch, see, and explore, parents must be sure to make the environment safe. But parents also have to balance their childproofing with an understanding of their child’s need to explore.

Parents do know how to put plugs in electrical sockets, to put locks on cabinets containing dangerous substances, to keep plants and sharp items out of reach, and to put away valuables. But beyond that, they wonder how much childproofing they should do. Some parent experiences say to teach your children the meaning of danger or “no” word. With this they should learn not to touch or try to grab objects around your home. Some parents don’t allow their children to touch and explore with simple explanation, if they are at the neighbors, relatives or friend homes and allowed to touch they will do this over there also.

With little effort your children can be allowed to touch and play with things at home and taught not to do the same thing at other people’s homes. Sometimes parent leave stuff around and children are compelled to touch them. They can be left in every room in the home, so to avoid conflict be more careful or sit down and explain them when they will understand you.

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