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How to stay healthy while in buzzing metropolis known as ‘Sin City’

Las Vegas holidays could have a healthy spin. It is possible to book hotels, restaurants and things to do which could help adjust the body clock, lower blood pressure and improve an intrepid visitor’s fitness. This could be, to coin a phrase, just what the doctor ordered. Las Vegas, USA, is seven hours behind London time, meaning just as Friday ends in the UK, it begins across the pond. Try these health tips to get the most out of the what’s on offer in Las Vegas.

Things to do

Las Vegas also offers several chances to get the blood pumping around the city, in the glorious Nevada-countryside.

Bootleg Canyon zipline

The day begins with a climb along craggy footpaths, partially in the blazing sun, up to the top of Bootleg canyon. Once at the top, the aim is to zipline back down.

There’s over 8,000 kilometres of zipline, according to Flightlinez which runs the experience, over which guests may travel at speeds up to 60 mph as they hurtle back to the bottom. They added adventurers would change zipline several times, so it isn’t just one hike to the top and one zipline back down. Based on previous excursions, they said it should take around three hours.

Canoe the Colorado

If a chance to get the adrenaline racing is what the family needs, canoeing the Colorado may be the right experience.

During a stay in Las Vegas, it is possible to book a half or full day canoe tour along the mighty Colorado river. Organisers will pick up guests from their hotel before taking them on a river cruise down the river. The big difference between full day and half day excursions is full day offers lunch.


Where can I find the Mediterranean diet? The fabled mealplan, tipped to help ward-off premature death and improve heart health and reduce stroke risk, can be found in Las Vegas.

Below are four restaurants to try which offer this diet, two are expensive places to eat and one is more ‘in budget’.

Rivea, Delano

Based at the top of the golden Delano tower, this restaurant commands stunning views across the desert city. Diners are encouraged to try the bar first for a light orange juice, before heading into the restaurant to eat in style.

On the menu are the components of the Mediterranean diet, which can help with weight loss, improving heart health, preventing cancer and could even extend lifespans.

It is possible to dine on tomatoes, aubergines, asparagus and even freshly prepared sea bass.

Jardin, Wynn Las Vegas

Based in The Wynn casino, Jardin could be a good choice for an expensive, but healthy, evening out. Originally attempting to source most of its food independently, Jardin offers some healthy aspects of the Mediterranean diet.

As well as smoothies, the restaurant also offers Quinoa and avocado salad, a kale and spinach fettuccine and sea bass.

While there however, it may be a good idea to indulge a bit in the Jardin signature desert ‘Fleur’. This dark chocolate mousse desert looks exactly like a flower pot, even when cut into. The flowers are so well arranged that it looks like something which can be purchased in a garden centre.

Pronto by Giada

If guests have had enough of indulging in large meals, Pronto may be the place for lunch.

Situated inside Caesar’s Palace, it offers easy grab smaller portions of meals to satisfy guests hunger. Meals to choose from include light salads, smoothies and easy to eat sandwiches.

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