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Brand new safe & fun toothbrush from Baby Banana Brush (ABC Las Vegas)

The family owned business behind the wildly successful Baby Banana Brush brand has just announced their newest product – the EleFriend Toothbrush! ! This safe, flexible, nylon­‐bristled toothbrush might just revolutionize the market debuting at the ABC show in Las Vegas, October 2015.

The EleFriend brush is designed with a thick, easy-­to-­hold base, small soft bristles, and a flexible neck that promotes safer brushing for children ages 3‐6 years old. The EleFriend is revolutionary because of its innovative design that brings the required nylon-bristle function together with the signature flexible technology that Baby Banana Brush is known for. The company designed this brush to answer requests from customers whose children grew up loving the Banana Brush. They wanted something that was still soft and flexible, but designed to meet the needs of older children who are eating plaque-­‐inducing foods and need nylon bristles to combat that tougher plaque level.

Not yet available in stores, the EleFriend brush will be making its debut at the All Baby and Children’s (ABC) Expo in Las Vegas this October. Look for them in the Health and Wellness section, Booth #2851. Also look forward to their featured show special and free sample when you visit, because we sure will, as Happy Mothers will be attending the event as well!


See you in Vegas!