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Will My Baby Sleep

Many people believe that a baby needs to sleep all night up to three months of age. So if your baby is not doing that you should be worried. After all parents need their sleep because they have a LOT on their shoulders. In reality most of the newborns don’t sleep constantly. Some babies do, but there are many who are waking up.

This can go one for months or sometimes a year or two. Infants have needs like us grownups, waking up in the middle of the night may be a sign for some if their need. Most common reasons are feeding, diaper changing or just a warm held from mom, dad of both. Older babies turn over during sleep, so they can wake up in the process. Also if your baby has new teeth coming out, the experience is uncomfortable for them, waking can be a sign to search and be comforted.

If you are having a baby or plan to have one or more, keep in mind maybe you will need to give up sleep in most cases. Your little ones don’t understand that they need to do their needs during the day, of course they are babies. It can be frustrating to wake up and not being able to sleep all night, but as all things in life having a baby is not an easy task, so patience, calmness, organization and love will help you on your way of raising your special ones.