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Why A Weekend Trip to Vegas is Exactly What You Need to Get Away From It All

Whether you’ve got work stress, love trouble or something else, Vegas is the cure for whatever ails you.

Let’s face it, sometimes doing this thing called life can be difficult. Maybe you just broke up with your longtime bae and are suddenly single. Maybe your work/life balance is so out of whack, you’re working more than you’re living. Or, maybe you’re in a romantic rut with your significant other. and looking to reconnect, stat. Whatever your emotional sitch, one thing is certain, you’re clinically in need of a vacay.

Getting out of dodge in a dramatic sense doesn’t have to mean a month away on a remote island, or even require using a Euro. A weekend in Las Vegas can be exactly what you need to reset, recharge, and come back to reality as the best version of yourself. In fact, visiting the Entertainment Capital of the World is the ultimate “Choose Your Own Adventure” escape, because there is So. Much. To. Do. And, the best part is, you can dream up an itinerary designed to ease whatever’s been bothering you IRL—while getting all the celeb treatment along the way.

Whether the perfect getaway for you includes soaring over Fremont Street via zipline like Superwoman, rocking your heart out to your fave classic tracks at “Raiding the Rock Vault” at The Hard Rock Hotel or seeking some major retail therapy by werking your credit card at one of the many high-end shopping areas like the Grand Canal Shoppes, a trip to Vegas means you can just do you. Here, three itineraries to obliterate your worries like a boss.

Original article: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/06/03/las-vegas-what-to-do/