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Tips For Dressing Your Baby In Winter

Dressing your baby in winter can be challenging as you want to ensure he stays warm at all times, but he should never feel too hot or uncomfortable as this is a health risk for young babies. Because little ones can’t always tell you exactly how they’re feeling, it’s hard to gauge when they’re too hot or their clothes are too tight.

These tips will make dressing your baby in winter a little easier:

Layers are important

Body suits and babygros are must-haves for babies in winter. Depending on the outfit, socks under boots will keep your baby warm too If you’re co-sleeping, dress your baby in less clothing When you sleep with your baby, she benefits from your body heat, so fewer layers are required.

Feel your baby’s toes and belly

If your baby has warm toes and a hot belly, she is overdressed. If her belly is cool, she isn’t able to keep herself warm, so add an extra layer of clothing to keep her cosy.

Use a good-quality sleep sack

A good-quality sleep sac will ensure your baby stays warm when she sleeps as she won’t be able to kick the covers off. And nowadays sleep sacs are made with just the right lightweight fabric that’s warm, yet breathable.

However, a word of warning…According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you shouldn’t place your baby in her car seat wearing a baby sleeping bag as it can interfere with the protection provided in a crash. If it’s a really cold day, you can throw a blanket over your baby’s car seat as long as it’s not under the straps or harness of the car seat.

Accessories make a difference

Your baby’s ears can get cold, too, so dress her in a cute beanie or warm hat that matches her outfit. On extra cold days, you can add gloves too.

Make sure your baby’s clothes fit her properly

Shoes and jackets that are too tight can limit your baby’s circulation. This can contribute to cold limbs.

Blankets are essential

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, a blanket is essential in winter. Instead of adding extra clothing when your baby gets cold, you can simply wrap her in a blanket.

Pick the right base layer

The base layer lies on top of your baby’s skin. Ideal base layers are clothes made of wool and polyester.

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