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Time for a Baby

Couples sometimes are waiting for some magical sign to tell them that it’s time to make a baby. Often this is a serious disappointment for them. That signal they wait may or may never come. Some couples who report that their biological clock suddenly starts acting like a biological time bomb and they know the time is right. After few years of planning and speaking about parenting, suddenly they are hit with a powerful urge to multiply, like NOW.

Of course, the situation doesn’t have to be like we described for everyone. Some couples just never experience that sense of biological urgency for having a baby. That’s okay, every couple has their own right to live their life as they choose. Having a baby is not a simple task. But when a couple decides to have one, cooperation between them is the best thing they can do for each other and their new member or members of the family.

So whether you decide to have a baby or not, keep in mind that it is a large obligation and not something that can be taken lightly.