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The T-shirts of SUN68 for Pitti Boys & Girls

SUN68, the Italian casual clothing brand that stands out for its innovative vision of clothing and style, will be one of the partners at this edition of the Pitti Imagine shows. The vintage Polos of the brand will in fact be worn by Pitti Boys & Girls, the staff of the Pitti Immagine shows.

The philosophy of SUN68 is to rethink daily wear: taking its inspiration from the very same people it would like to accompany in their everyday lives, SUN68 clothes are perfect examples of the balance between Italian classic and modern design. Starting from a single-product project constructed around the legendary vintage polo, the product line of SUN68’s collections was extended and enriched to offer a total look that includes sneakers and accessories, developed also in the women’s and children’s lines.

Original article: https://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/news/2019/sun68.html