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Teal Rito Plus Ultimate Folding Trike

The Ultimate Folding Trike

The Rito Plus ultimate folding trike comes with the features of premium kid’s convertible trike with an incredibly easy to fold function. Click here, for more informatiion.

These trikes fold down to a fraction of their full size in a matter of seconds. Simply press down on a couple of buttons on the frame and the trike is ready to be taken on buses, trains, escalators and even as carry-on on flights.

The folding feature also makes them easy to store at home, as they can be stowed away in compact spaces.

Air Filled Tires

The air-filled tires on the Rito Plus offer a smoother ride for your little ones and keeps them protected from uneven terrains.

A Trike that Grows with Your Child

You can start using the Rito Plus trikes as early as 12 months to kids as old as 4 years. The multiple foot rest positions, along with the detachable backrest and parent push handle make this long-lasting use possible.

The Rito Plus Trike transforms through several stages to ensure that your child is always comfortable and safe. Ensuring a comfortable ride at any stage was our top priority when designing this portable stroller/trike.

Premium features at an economical price

The Rito Plus trike is packed with clever features such as the free wheel and free handle functions that allow your child to move the pedals and handle bars without affecting the direction of the trike. Giving you full control, until your little one is ready to take the trike out on their own.