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Sleeping with a bump

Make time for fun

Do something that will help to take your mind off your pregnancy for a while. See a feel-good movie, catch up with friends over lunch or sit in your garden with a good book. You can even create your own mini spa to pamper yourself at home.

Do some gentle exercise

Exercise is a mood-lifter, and you don’t have to do a strenuous workout to get those feel-good chemicals flowing in your brain. Next time you feel irritated or anxious, go for a swim, take a walk in the fresh air or do some simple yoga exercises.

Bond with your partner

It’s often those closest to us who suffer most from our mood swings. This is probably because we feel loved and safe enough around them to express our anger and frustration.

It can be tough for your partner to know how to take your emotions when they’re so unpredictable. Letting him know that you still love and cherish him may stop him from taking things too personally and ease any tensions between you. In your calmer moments, try to spend some quality time together. It will help to strengthen your relationship before your baby arrives.

Your partner may also have his own worries about becoming a dad. Chatting about them may help to take your mind off your troubles, as well as helping you to feel closer to him.

Stop feeling guilty

Pregnancy is a life-changing event. You’re bound to feel overwhelmed, irritable and anxious at times, even if you’ve wanted a baby for years. So be kind to yourself and accept that you will have some negative feelings and some wonderful feelings about your pregnancy.

Original article: https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a253/mood-swings-in-pregnancy