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Sinus infection during pregnancy

Pregnancy has its own set of symptoms. Some days you may feel physically and emotionally well, and other days you may feel ill. Many women experience morning sickness, tiredness, and back pain throughout their three trimesters. Getting sick with a sinus infection while having these pregnancy symptoms can take a toll on the body.

Sinusitis can develop at any point during the first, second, or third trimester of pregnancy. This is an infection and inflammation in the lining of your sinuses. The sinuses are air-filled pockets located around the face and nose.

A sinus infection can cause different symptoms, including:

  • mucus drainage
  • stuffy nose
  • pain and pressure around the face
  • sore throat
  • headache
  • fever
  • coughing

The symptoms can be worrisome, but there are ways to treat and prevent a sinus infection during pregnancy.

Symptoms of a sinus infection can mimic other conditions like allergies and the common cold. An acute infection can last up to four weeks. Chronic infections can last more than 12 weeks. Sinusitis during pregnancy can be triggered by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.

In some cases, a sinus infection is a complication of the common cold. You’re also at higher risk for a sinus infection if you have allergies. In both conditions, mucus can block the sinus cavities and result in swelling and inflammation. This can lead to an infection.

A sinus infection causes unpleasant symptoms. Although it can make you feel worse while pregnant, relief is available.

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