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Mae Walker, Account Manager, Meri Meri:

This is my first time at Pitti Bimbo and I am really enthusiastic about it. The location is truly unique and I was pleasantly impressed by the large amount of international buyers present in addition to the Italian buyers. The event is very well organized. I visited the whole Main Pavilion and appreciated the fact that the stands were different sizes and could be personalized according to your own style. I will definitely be coming back!

Mario Maran, Commercial and Marketing Manager Jacob Cohën:

Pitti Bimbo is the first childrenswear fair we have taken part in with the Jacob Cohën kids’ line managed directly by the brand. Pitti Immagine is a point of reference for men’s fashion in the same way that it is for children’s fashion. We registered a truly positive response, good attendance and all the visits were of a very high level and with concrete interest: we have already taken many orders and made appointments at our showroom in Milan! A great international presence, first and foremost from the European market.

Francesca Mandelli, communication manager, Caffè d’Orzo:

I am really very pleased! This new area, The Kid’s Lab, is very beautiful and definitely more suitable for buyers who can discover all the creative proposals in a single location. We worked well and received a good response to the collection especially from Italian and European buyers. Pitti Bimbo is our way of feeling closer to clients, a fundamental opportunity for making contact.

André Moreira, Creative Director, Maison Mangostan:

This is the first time I have taken part in Pitti Bimbo. I believe that the fair is an excellent showcase and the public is of a very high level. I am here to look for new contacts and I am satisfied with this first edition: I will definitely continue my journey inside the world of Pitti Immagine!

Sandra Ojamäe, Founder and Creative Director, Apocalypto Kids:

Pitti Bimbo is the ideal fair for our exclusive product in terms of the quality of the companies and the visitor target. I really like the new The Kid’s Lab area: it is more spacious, the design is very precise and funny. We met lots of buyers, mainly Italian and Chinese. See you at the January edition!

Maria Varona, proprietor, Yellowpelota:

This is my first time at Pitti Bimbo. I really liked the fair because of the wealth of the proposals and the perfect organization, as well as the incredible location. We decided to take part because it is an unmissable rendezvous, a point of reference for Italian buyers and not just them. I am very satisfied with the response we received from the Italian and international public. Our brand won the Pirouette One to Watch Award which was very satisfying!

Lea Toft Holm, Head of Sales, Wauw Capow:

The idea of grouping all the experimental brands in a single location was excellent! I really liked The Kid’s Lab: I am pleased to be here. Even the design is very precise and original. Pitti Bimbo is an important occasion for creating contacts: with top buyers and a select clientele of a very high quality and, above all, very loyal because they attend every edition. The location is also unique and the party organized for the end of the fair was wonderful!


Davide Bencini, Sundek:

Selection is the buzzword at Pitti Immagine. The fair always presents an excellent offering of brands as well as very high quality contacts among the buyers. We have also taken part in Pitti Uomo and we have been very happy with the response we received. Pitti Bimbo is a different fair, more intent, but it is still a fundamental rendezvous on the children’s fashion calendar. We registered excellent attendance of Italian, European and American buyers.

Giovanni Basagni, President and Co-founder, Miniconf:

We really believe in this fair. We participated at this edition with two brands that attracted two different targets and we invited 50 buyers, focusing on the synergies for achieving an even greater international presence. I am more interested in quality than quantity and the public at Pitti Immagine is always of the highest level. For a childrenswear brand it is truly fundamental to be here.

Tia Cibani, proprietor, Tia Cibani Kids:

Super positive feedback! We met loads of new clients, a fair balance between Italian and international buyers, all of the highest quality. The fair team was really helpful, support is an important element when people come from far away. All the designers that I met in the Apartment section were really exceptional people…I felt at home!

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