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Phil & Teds Stroller Covers

Whether you walk your baby on a sunny or stormy day, these covers would be a good and handy addition to your stroller. Check them below, and click the red marked words for more information.

Phil & Teds Explorer Single Storm Cover

A storm cover that fits quickly and snugly over your Explorer while allowing good air flow and most excellent visibility. So your family can still enjoy a stroll even when the weather is “wild & wet”. Click here for more information.


Phil&Teds Sport/Nav sun cover- double

Double UV mesh sun cover for your navigator stroller (plus many other models). It features custom fit UV filtering mesh that prevents sunny daze, protects from bugs and rays. It also covers the main seat. It is compatible with the following stroller models: navigator, explorer and current classic. Click here for more information. 


Phil & Teds Smart Storm Cover

Storm cover has a smart custom fit design for airflow and breath ability that’s waterproof as well. Dry plus demist. fancy that! Click here for more information.