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Organic Foods For Healthier Children

Parents often search for answers on this subject. Over the years there has been much debate about types of food. Which are better organic or conventionally grown foods? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), claim that both organic and conventionally grown foods have the same nutrient content that are vital to your child’s health.

But some studies has shown that organic foods have higher nutritional content in terms of vitamins and minerals,but not enough to make an impact on overall health. However, when it comes to health advantages, the AAP clearly states, “Organic diets have been convincingly demonstrated to expose consumers to fewer pesticides associated with human disease. Pesticide exposure in infants and children can pose serious health risks.

 According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), children are not only exposed to pesticides from foods, but also at school, on playgrounds, around the home, and from their own parents’ clothing (if their parents work in agriculture). Children’s bodies are developing and maturing, and they do not process toxins the same way that adults do. Choosing organic foods and eliminating toxic chemicals in your home and garden is a great first step to limiting your child’s pesticide exposure. While it’s impossible to protect your children from everything, the good news is that you can certainly make an impact through the things you have direct control over.

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