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One Cosmopolitan, Please…

Happy Friday!

This weekend we are changing it up by replacing our adult cosmopolitan, with something a little more child friendly. We know we have written about this stroller before, but it deserves all the attention!

Mountain Buggy launched their Cosmopolitan GEO Luxury Edition this year, and we are still sold. Their campaign pictures makes you want to settle down with a husband, baby and dog… in a second.

The stroller is made with beautiful charcoal grey mélange fabric with GEO print. The bassinet is even made of 100% viscose from bamboo fiber. The stroller offers 3 modes so the stroller is perfectly adaptable for the baby from it is newborn to its toddler years. You can even buy a matching blanket and parenting bag to the stroller, it is all so stylish! Who said you couldn’t combine fashion with parenthood?

Learn everything you need to know about this stroller on Mountain Buggys website: https://mountainbuggy.com/us/Products/strollers/cosmopolitan-luxury-collection#.VvVwR4-cEkE