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Nicki Minaj Fans Go Off On Drake After He Surprises Crowd With Her Nemesis Cardi B At OVO Fest

Nicki Minaj fans have a bone to pick with Drake after the “MEGATRON” rapper, 36, wasn’t one of his surprise guests at his OVO Fest in Toronto over the weekend. The rapper, 32, closed out the annual event on Monday night with a slew of top artists including, Offset, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, YG, Tyga, Chris Brown and Cardi B. Now, Nicki’s fandom, her “Barbz,” are voicing their concern over Drizzy’s friendship with Nicki.

“Nicki has been with him through thick and thing this isn’t about Cardi, it’s about drake,” one fan tweeted. “Why would you do that to your sister?” the tweet continued. “Drake is a whole snake. How do you bring out Cardi B and not Nicki at your own fest #OVOFest, like that really bugs me because WHY,” another fan tweeted.

More angry tweets questioning Drake’s loyalty to Nicki continued to pour in. “Drake is the biggest snake in the industry. Ya, he makes good ass songs, but how the f–k do you bring out someone that your ‘sister’ clearly doesn’t get along with?”, one fan wrote, adding that Drake “folds every time he’s on bad terms with Nicki. First Meek, now this.” Nicki and Drake had a brief falling out when she dated Meek Mill from 2015-2017. Drake and Meek did not like one another at the time he was with Nicki, and later reconciled after Nicki and Meek broke up in January 2017.

Many fans on Twitter pointed out that Drake “has beef” with Nicki. While they’ve had their ups and downs through the years, it’s unclear if the two are on bad terms.

Nicki and Drake’s friendship stretches back many years when they were both first signed to the same record label, Young Money Entertainment. In 2010, Drizzy released his debut album, Thank Me Later, which featured the now famous bar: “I love Nicki Minaj/ I told her I’d admit it/ I hope one day we get married just to say we f***ing did it/ And girl I’m f***ing serious/ I’m with it if you with it/ Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted”.

Through the years, the two sparked dating rumors with their steamy collaborations and fiery lyrics. However, they’ve always maintained that they’re just brother and sister. But, is their longtime friendship on the rocks? — That’s apparently the million dollar question.

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