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New Stunning Maxi Cosi & Bébé Confort Limited Edition Strollers designed by Edward van Vliet

Dorel Juvenile has just launched a new exclusive limited edition stroller designed by Edward van Vliet and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Dorel Juvenile, a segment of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), and the world’s largest juvenile products manufacturer, has entered into an exciting exclusive collaboration with a contemporary Dutch designer, Edward van Vliet. Edward has created a limited edition for the new Maxi-Cosi and Bébé Confort Stella stroller and range of other star pattern products, launching in September 2015. The Star Limited edition is a first collaboration for both Dorel Juvenile and Edward.


Based in Amsterdam, Edward is known for his industrial and interior design work, which focuses on textiles. He works particularly in the hospitality industry, designing hotels and resorts all over the world. Fascinated by a never depleting source of cultural and natural varieties he aims to compose new worlds by making unique combinations of colours, materials, patterns and shapes.


”Apart from using nature as an endless source of inspiration, my fascination for geometry, symmetry, layers and repetition plays an important role in creating new and surprising patterns” says the designer.


“From this inspiration the challenge was to take these two dimensional graphics and transform them into a unique and mesmerising piece of three dimensional design.”

The Limited Edition Stella range is uniquely distinctive with its symmetrical, geometric patterns in calming white, navy and pastel blue. Its repeating motif of triangles, circles and intersecting lines forms a distinct star shape, complemented by a tessellating wave-form pattern, which offsets the bolder main design.

“I was very glad to be asked by Maxi-Cosi | Bébé Confort to design a limited edition for the launch of their new Stella stroller. There is a strong connection between my signature and the values of Maxi-Cosi | Bébé Confort. We both play with layers, patterns, colours and fabrics” says the designer.


This and many other brand new designs will be available at our Happy Mothers store very soon!

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