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Elegant, innovative, evolutionary and stylish, the mima Kobi stroller has been especially made to adapt to urban life. The innovative design and “carrycot inside” feature means that, at first glance, Kobi appears to be a normal stroller, but it is actually 5 in one. For more information and buying option, click here.

Kobi evolves at the same rate as your family thanks to the intelligent system that allows for a second seat (sold separately) to be added upon the arrival of the second child. Thus, multiple configurations are catered for: carrycot, seat, seat + carrycot, 2 seats or 2 carrycots.

Other characteristics include easy maneuverability, a compact and simple fold, parent or forward facing seat unit and a triple layered, fan-style canopy that offers partial, minimal or total shade. Further features include 3 recline positions; seated, reclined or sleeping, as well as 2 height positions; an elevated ride or a lower, more conventional position. This trend-setting, original, elegant stroller is perfect for the most practical, modern and cosmopolitan parents.

  • Easy conversion from seat to carrycot. Unfasten the zip and facilitate the transformation in 15 seconds.
  • The most compact evolutionary stroller on the market. When in 2 child mode it occupies the same amount of space as with 1 child.
  • Unique in that the second seat is the same size and equally as comfortable as the first seat.
  • Front wheels with 360є swivel and wheel block. Rear wheels feature a simple break system that is easily executed by the foot.
  • Innovative materials; EVA covered in polyurethane meaning the pushchairs are lightweight, resistant, breathable and easy to clean.
  • Simple and quick fold/unfold. Features a folding lock to facilitate transportation.
  • May fold with the seat unit attached, when it is in the upright position and facing forwards.
  • XL baskets – essential when traveling with children.
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi Mico & Mico AP (with car seat adapter)


  • Chassis weight: 11kg / 24.2 lb
  • Carrycot with mattress 2.36kg / 5,2 lb
  • Chassis + carrycot 13,5kg / 29.8 lb
  • Chassis with seat 15.2kg / 33.5 lb
  • Suitable for use from birth up to 17kg / 37.5 lb


  • Canopy
  • Carrycot apron
  • Rain cover
  • Kobi changing bag

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