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Lady Gaga Reveals The Shocking Reason Why She Initially ‘Gave Up Trying To Be An Actress’

Lady Gaga tied with Glenn Close to win Best Actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 13, but not that long ago, acting was something the singer had completely given up on. “Since I was a young girl in New York trying to make it, I have had so many people tell me NO,” Gaga told HollywoodLife and other media outlets after accepting her award at the show. “I have been dealing with that my whole life. To tell you the truth, when they told me they wanted a screen test [for A Star is Born], i was like…bring it on! And, you know, I grew a lot as a person being able to feel that way because I am truly terrible at auditioning. Really, I am not good. That’s why I gave up trying to be an actress. But this was extra special and I wanted to give it everything I had.”

Of course, Gaga eventually got the role, and starred alongside the movie’s director, Bradley Cooper, in the film. She also took home the award for Best Song at the Critics’ Choice Awards, for the track she penned for the movie, “Shallow.” The song won this honor at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, as well. “I am truly blessed and truly shocked this evening to be honored as both a musician and as an actress,” Lady Gaga gushed. “I can’t tell you what it means to me. It was my greatest dream to be an actor and I gave it up but now I am here with Glenn Close. She is legendary. I couldn’t be more proud to be standing next to her this evening. Quite frankly, I am a bit speechless.”

This week, the Oscar nominations will be revealed, and there is obvious buzz that Gaga could pick up a Best Actress nod for that show, as well. Now that she has to balance an acting AND music career, the 32-year-old said she’ll be doing a lot of thinking with her gut as she plans what’s coming next.

“I will prioritize whatever speaks to my heart,” she said. “Any advice to any person, young or old or in the middle on what to do is to listen to your gut and listen to what is inside of you and follow that intuition and enigma. The mystery of what I should do next…just listen and it will come to you!”

Original article: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/01/14/lady-gaga-acting-career-critics-choice-awards-interview/