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Kourtney Kardashian Claps Back at Criticism Over Reign Disick’s Hair

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t have time for haters.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star put an Instagram follower in her place after the critic made a comment about Reign Disick’s hair.

The drama started after the Poosh founder shared a few pictures of her family’s weekend away in Santa Ynez, Calif. on Sunday. The precious pics showed Reign sitting next to a horse, playing in the dirt and riding a tractor. There were also several sweet snapshots of Kourtney’s daughter Penelope Disick.

After seeing the photos, a follower wrote that Kourtney “really need to cut his hair.” However, the reality TV star wasted no time putting the troll in her place.

“She really need to not worry about kids that aren’t her own,” Kourtney replied in the comments section. “He is a happy boy.”

Still, Kourtney received plenty of positivity from her celebrity pals, including Bella Hadid.

“This made me so happy,” the model wrote underneath the pic.

This wasn’t the first time Kourtney or one of her famous family members had shot down this kind of negativity. To see more of their clapbacks, check out the gallery.\

Kim Defends Khloe

In Feb. 2019, Khloe stepped out for her first public appearance amid Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal involving Jordyn Woods. After attending her scheduled event, Khloe received critical comments on social media that did not sit well with Kim.

Along with a video of Khloe out at the event, one Twitter user wrote, “If someone cheats on you publicly. Y’all going outside the next day?”

After seeing the tweet, Kim replied, “Would you prefer she lose the [money emoji] too? A single mom has to work too boo! This was a professional commitment planned far in advance and you better believe she is not waiting on anyone to pay her bills or provide for her daughter. PERDIODT!!!”

Kourtney vs. Mommy Shamers

While on vacation in Italy with her kids in 2018, Kourtney posted a photo of herself on a yacht with the caption, “just finished my daily basket of focaccia…hbu?” In response to the photo, one Instagram user commented, “Where are your kids?” After seeing the comment, Kourtney replied, “My son was taking the photo, and the other two were sitting a table across from me. Thank you so much for your concern.”

Kim vs. Chloë Grace Moretz

Back in 2016, Kim took to social media to fire back at actress Chloë Grace Moretz for dissing her nude selfie. “let’s all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter, since no one knows who she is,” Kim tweeted. “your nylon cover is cute boo.”

Kim also clapped back at Bette Midler and Piers Morgan for their critical comments about her photo.

Kylie vs. Instagram Record Egg

After the infamous egg photo beat Kylie’s Instagram record in Jan. 2019, the E! star took to social media to clap back at the account. In her post, Kylie shared a meme that read, “Kylie when she sees the world record egg account.” Along with the meme was a video of Kylie cracking an egg. The beauty mogul captioned the post, “Take that little egg.”

Khloe vs. Haters

In a 2018 interview with E! News’ Zanna Roberts Rassi, Khloe explained that she received criticism for going to a charity event without her daughter, True Thompson. “I was at a charity event last weekend and I’m literally trying to raise money for cancer research and I’m getting annihilated for being somewhere on a Sunday,” Khloe said. “I’m like, ‘She’s with her dad, you a–hole. Like, what do you want me to do?'”

Kylie vs. Alex Rodriguez

After seeing Alex Rodriguez’s claim that she was “talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is” at the 2019 Met Gala, Kylie set the record straight. “Umm no i didn’t,” she tweeted. “We only spoke about Game of Thrones.”

Kedall vs. Rumors

In 2018, Kendall posted a photo of herself sitting at a rooftop table in lingerie. After seeing the photo, many social media users noted that the Kacey Musgraves billboard in the background appeared to be blurred.

Amid rumors of shade, Kendall clapped back, “yoooo, I was working all day and didn’t edit this photo! Kacey is literally my f–kin fav! Space cowboy, I Miss You, Keep it to yourself, FOLLOW YOUR ARROW!! bangers!! ask anyone of my homies i die for her!”

Photo: E news

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