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Kiko Mizuhara’s Guide to Flawless Skin, and the Perfect Cat Eye

“Actually, I learned how to do makeup from watching RuPaul’s Drag Race,,” says model and actor Kiko Mizuhara. Over the years, those techniques have come in handy—and Mizuhara notes she can do her whole routine in less than 10 minutes—as Mizuhara has traveled the world for work, most recently making her Netflix debut on Queer Eye’s latest season in Tokyo.

Before beginning her makeup routine, Mizuhara gets to work preparing her skin by rinsing her face with both hot and cold water. “I just feel like my skin looks better that way,” she says. Next, she dabs on toner, followed by a hefty amount of moisturizer as a base for her microcurrent device that helps lift and sculpt the contours of her face.

In lieu of foundation, Mizuhara opts to apply targeted concealer. But first, she blots her complexion with a tissue to remove excess oils. “It would be hard for me to set the concealer [otherwise],” she says. To erase any signs of dark circles, she pats on two different concealers, the first a slightly pink shade that acts as a color corrector for her under-eyes. “My makeup is very easy,” she notes while blending the shades into her skin with her fingertips. (When it comes to a broader wellness regimen, Mizuhara is committed to her spa routine. “I feel like this is the most important thing for beauty,” she says of her sauna obsession. “I do the dry sauna and after I go into the cold water and I do it four times. That makes a big difference.”)

Next, Mizuhara brushes a strong-hold gel into her eyebrows to “keep them wild,” and gets to work on her cat eye, which she completes with near-perfect precision.

Grabbing her trusty Dior lip kit, Mizuhara applies the cherry-red shade as blush on the apples of her cheeks and highlights the top points of her face with shimmering powder. “I started doing this classic makeup when I was 18,” she says, calling out Audrey Hepburn as one of her beauty icons. Of course, no Old Hollywood look is complete without a bold matte Bordeaux pout, which Mizuhara swipes on like a seasoned pro.

Original article: https://www.vogue.com/article/kiko-mizuhara-makeup-tutorial-red-lipstick