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Justin Bieber Is ‘Nervous’ About Upcoming Wedding With Hailey Baldwin: He Wants It ‘Perfect’

Justin Bieber, 25, and Hailey Baldwin, 22, may already be legally married, but their upcoming wedding ceremony is set to be one for the books! The singer is already thrilled to be married to the love of his life, but he can’t help but think about the upcoming special day, which is expected to include their closest family and friends, and how important it is to him for everything to fall into place.

“Justin loves Hailey with all his heart and he wants to prove to her that they are an unbreakable couple,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He wants to provide for her like none other and show her that their bond is the greatest thing that they have. So you can imagine that later this month when they get married again in front of God and friends and family, some things have weighed on him, and he’s been nervous because he wants it to be perfect and everything Hailey wants it to be. He wants to make that moment where he is his best self. There is excitement that surrounds that but it’s a nervous excitement because this will make it real and forever in his mind so he wants everything to go 100% right.”

Hailey is definitely appreciative of her husband’s concern and understands, but she’s just happy to be with him. “Hailey is completely on board and ecstatic and realizes Justin’s nerves but has reassured him that everything is already perfect because they have each other and that their wedding will be the best day of their lives,” the source continued. “It is a really special time for them both right now. It feels like magic.”

Justin and Hailey were first married on Sept. 13, 2018 at a courthouse in New York City after Justin proposed in the Bahamas in July of the same year. They reportedly have been planning their wedding celebration for a long time and finally have it set to take place in South Carolina on Sept. 30.

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