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Incredible Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Teenagers

A fit and healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind and life. Regular exercise plays a vital role in shaping one’s life in a healthy manner.

Doctors recommend a compulsory hour of daily physical activity for teenagers. This is to keep them healthy and fit. Regular exercising can help teenagers in controlling their mood swing, push their overall growth better, sharpen their brains and skills and improve overall appearance too. Read on below to know how much exercise should a teenager get and the recommended exercise for teenagers!

Teach your teenager to fix up a time for his daily exercise session. Just like his meals and school, fitness should also form a part of his regular routine. This helps set the body clock time for exercising.

Benefits of Exercising For Teenagers:

Here are the many benefits of everyday exercises for teenagers:

  1. Controls Weight:

Physical activity supplies more oxygen and uses it to burn the stored fat in the body. This is essential to maintain a healthy weight. Encourage your teenager to walk often. Walking is one of the best ways of controlling weight gain.

  1. Strengthens Muscles:

Regular exercises help strengthen muscles of your teenager. Strong muscle means muscle mass. Muscle mass is also known as tissues that are metabolically active. This helps lose weight even when not working out.

  1. Strengthens Bones:

Regular exercising would help your teen strengthen his bones and translate into a fitter body.

  1. Controls Mood Swings:

Exercising regularly will help your teenager combat stress better. It will lift up his psychological fitness. This results in improved mood, lesser stress and a strong and focused mind.

  1. Controls Illness:

Regular exercising will strengthen your teenager’s immunity and boost it. This helps avoid falling sick too often. It controls common health problems like cold, cough and even flu.

  1. Sharp Mind:

Regular exercising circulates more oxygen to the brain. This in turn will activate your teenager’s brain and sharpen it further.

  1. Healthy Skin:

Regular exercising helps circulate more oxygen and blood in the body. This helps deliver more important nutrients in the body and hence translates into a well hydrated and healthy-looking skin. Train your teenager to exercise for at least 60 minutes daily. These habits will help your teen lead a healthy and fit life. There is no need to hit the gym at this early age. Support him to try these free exercises at the earliest. Which of these exercises are your teenager’s favorites? Write in and tell us how exercising helped your teenager and in which ways?

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