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How To Wash Your Baby’s Hair

Worried thinking about your darling’s hair? You are not alone in this thought process, several new mommies are as well. The hair on your baby’s scalp starts growing right in the womb; at least the hair follicles take shape. At the time of birth, some babies may have an absolutely bald head, while others may be born with a healthy and thick mane. In both cases, parents should not get worried, or overjoyed. The thickness, texture and colour of hair of your baby will change as she grows into a toddler and older.

Hair starts falling between three to six months of age and new hair starts to grow. Whatever is the texture and quality of your baby’s hair, it is naturally softer and more fragile than adult hair. So, you need to take extra precaution while handling it!

Products To Use On Baby Hair:

The first step is to choose the oil, shampoo and conditioner – carefully! Some use oil on their baby’s hair, some don’t; it is a personal choice. But it is essential to get a suitable cleanser for your baby’s hair.

Always buy baby hair care products meant for babies only. Such products are not infused with chemicals, thus no eye or skin irritation occurs It is preferable to choose a trusted brand Make sure that the shampoo you buy for your baby does not have high ph-balance Mild scented shampoos like lavender or jojoba oil fragrance can be utilized as these helps relax your baby to sleep.

What If Your Baby Has Fussy Hair?

As every baby is different from another, similarly their hair pattern differs as well. We have discussed only two types of hair here to tell you how you can manage if you find your baby carry the same. Here they are:

  1. Thick Tangled Hair:

If your little one has a head full of curly tresses, which keep getting entangled, then you will need to use a good conditioner to keep it in place. Instead of using shampoo frequently, you can wash his hair with water and follow up with conditioner. In fact, a little bit of conditioner might be left in the hair to keep it soft If you are using a spray conditioner, then just spray on the ends, or in places where the hair gets knotty, to facilitate combing Baby hair that is tangled easily needs to be washed often, to prevent matting.

  1. Sparse Hair:

Don’t worry if your child does not have a lot of hair, most kids belong in this category and grow hair later! For a child with thin, grizzly hair, the wash should be kept to a minimum. It is best to wash the hair once a week and, in any case, not more than twice a week. Even if there is less hair, the scalp must be kept clean and healthy to ensure proper hair growth later. Since the oil secretion on babies’ scalp is lesser than in grownups, you wouldn’t need to bother about washing it often.

How To Wash Your Baby’s Hair?

As in all things concerning infants, you have to be extra cautious and as tender as you can be while washing your baby’s hair. Try the below baby hair wash method and see how it works for your baby’s hair:

  1. Make the environment comfortable for the munchkin and ensure that the room is warm. Also, use accessories that your baby likes, like toy ducks and detachable shower heads.
  2. Apply shampoo all over his scalp to clean the head. It is important to distract before your start washing his hair, as most kids are not too happy about it. Trick is to talk to your kid or sing a song he likes.
  3. While washing hair, it is advisable to hold your baby in a slightly reclining position to ensure soap does not get in the eyes and there is not much water on the face. Support the head and shoulders strongly, so that your darling does not feel frightened.
  4. A soft sponge can be used to wash hair. First wet your sweety’s hair well with the sponge and then apply a small quantity of shampoo. Lather it up by massaging lightly.
  5. Make sure to maintain a gentle touch and not press the soft spots on the scalp. Quickly pour the water on your baby’s head to remove the soapy suds off her head and body.
  6. Immediately dry her, use a hair-dryer on warm air setting on her head and body, to avoid her catching a cold. Following these baby hair care tips will make hair wash an enjoyable activity for your baby and it will be easier for you to manage the initial hiccups. Make sure you wash your darling’s hair at least every other day; it is important to wash off all the soap, as remnants can cause dryness or infection. Happy bath time!

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