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Fisher Price Minnie – Glam Glider Daisy

Floating Daisy bath boat that cruises along when you pour water into it. Daisy Duck loves to ride in her stylish water cruiser. This bathtub boat floats around the tub as it cruises along, propelled by water-power. The bow on the back of the boat detaches from the boat and can be used as a cup to pour water into the motor funnel. As you pour, watch the boat glide through the water! Assortment of two includes Glam Glider Minnie and Glam Glider Daisy. Collect them both and they can cruise off together! Each sold separately and subject to availability. For more information and buying option, click here.
• Small bathtub boat cruises around your tub
• Daisy cruiser with detachable bow cup
• Pour water & watch it go!
• Age 2+

Age Grade – Age 2+