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Few after birth symptoms

  •   Swollen ankles may last for a week or so, as you get more active and lose the extra fluid you retained during pregnancy.

  •   Piles usually disappear without treatment, but tell your midwife or GP if they are troublesome. You may need a prescription for an ointment or suppository. Eat fibre-rich foods, such as wholegrain rice, and drink plenty of fluids (NHS 2016b).

  •   Stretch marks on your breasts, tummy and thighs may take a few months to fade from purple, red or brown, to silver, pink or light brown, depending on the colour of your skin.

  •   As your pregnancy hormones drop, you may start to lose the hair that you held on to during pregnancy. Don’t worry, your hair will soon return to what it was before you were pregnant.

  •   If you’ve had a caesarean birth, you’ll be sore around your scar for a while. Try to move around as soon as possible, though. This will help to speed your recovery and prevent blood clots (NHS 2016c).
  • Pregnancy hormones can still affect your joints for up to six months after giving birth, so keep exercise gentle for the first few months. Don’t do anything high-impact too soon (NHS 2015).

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