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FCTRY Mustachifier The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

Mustachifier is the pacifier for the new man in your life. The one who just stole the attention away from your husband. And his place in your bed. It started as a joke but we’re proud to say Mustachifier is more than a laugh—it’s also one of the highest quality pacifiers in the world. When we make things, we make them well. In this case, we scoured the globe to find the finest materials possible; each element of the Mustachifier is best-in-class, and exceeds all US safety standards for pacifiers. That safety part is important to us because we’re parents too. The first Mustachifiers shipped in December 2012, and that month FCTRY got its own new, little man. He’ll never know a world in which a baby could not have his very own mustache. Once the mustache pacifier was a reality, it didn’t take long for it to be a hit—our first run sold out in under a month. Mustachifiers are now being sold in thousands of stores throughout the world. For more information’s and buying options click here.

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