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The main theme of the next Sarabanda SS is color as a source of inspiration and contamination for fashion trends that are always new, presenting 4 different worlds of color to characterize a collection packed with elegant garments for big occasions and creative solutions for daywear, devised and realized with great care and attention to detail, for both older kids and the littlest ones. The theme’s protagonists are elegant garments for special occasions, with San Gallo lace among the season’s must-haves and seersucker fabric for the boys.

For memorable occasions there are lots of garments where the maximum expression of color in the tones of white and blue is associated with an essential and plain style. Plus, clean-cut garments with a casual-chic flavor for leisure wear where the dominant colors are white, blue and red: a bon ton style with a minimal flavor for contemporary and never excessive elegance in the clothing dedicated to the liveliest and fizziest season for the smallest set.

 Finally the denim is designed for actively living every moment of the day. A simple, hippy chic flavored style suitable for everyday wear applied to clothing with soft, fluid lines. The light denim, in shades of azure, is present in the garments for both boys and girls: for the former, mixed with yellow or overdyed with a decolored effect, for the latter matched with the white of the San Gallo lace.

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