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Easy Birthday Cakes

On the Dot


To make this colorful cake, press rows of mini, regular, and peanut M&M’s into the icing in bold patterns.

Bake a Barnyard


Stand frosted animal crackers on mounds of green-tinted coconut. Then build a fence with pretzel sticks and icing to create this cool cake your little animal lover will adore.

Eat Your Words


You can be as creative as you like with this candy-covered cake. To make it, soften fruit chews in the microwave for three seconds. Then use a rolling pin to flatten. Make letters with cookie cutters. Cut squares for a border.

Garden Delight


To cover this cake in flowers, lay iced cookies with a round candy in the center of each on top of the cake. Then, roll out green spice drops and cut into small leaves.

Little Drummer Cakes


These cute glazed drums start out as a sheet cake. Check out the easy recipe for details on how to make them.

Photos: Tara Donne

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