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With our superordinary exhibition, a FUJIFILM camera testing and an exclusive Achim Lippoth photo session! We are all part of The Pitti Special Click. We may give rise to it. We absorb its energy, we pass it on, we let it circulate and contribute. When various ideas bang together, join up and form this ultimate special atmosphere. Hard to grasp? kid’s wear Magazine invites you to witness a visual world of mixed clicks. Beach holidays without traveling troubles? Build a sandcastle in the living room: Click! A camping trip without mosquitos? Grill and chill in the lounge: Click! Painting on paper? Not today! Now we are the canvas: Click! And most importantly we are all together: Click! We love good photos and we love taking them.

Join us checking out the new FUJIFILM instant cameras Instax Mini 9 and Instax Square SQ 6: try the selfie mirror, play with the strobe color filters and all the funky modes to make the most of your pic. Stop by from 20-22 June at our booth in Padiglione Centrale and do the kid’s wear Click yourself! Wish to take it to the exclusive level? Visit us on Friday, 21 June from 10-11am and have renown photographer and kid’s wear Magazine publisher Achim Lippoth taken your photo. See you instantly!

Original article: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/bimbo/events/2019/kidswearmagazine.html