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Diaper changing 101

There’s nothing special to changing a diaper, in fact they’re actually really easy to change. Knowing the process before you start is the key, also keeping a cool head when changing the diaper and noticing it is fuller than thought is a good idea. To change a diaper, you need.

  • Recommended is changing table or changing mat on the floor, but bed, or sofa where you have lots of space around you
  • Have ready and close by a clean diaper and diaper cream or powder
  • Plastic bag for putting the used diaper in
  • Baby wipes or a bowl of warm water and some cloth standing by to wash baby’s bottom
  • It is always good to have extra towels or cloth diapers within reach just in case there’s a last-minute explosion or leak while your baby is without diaper

To minimize the risk of your baby falling from the bed or changing table while you change him, either keep a hand on him at all times or change him on a mat on the floor. If you’re a gadget dad, you may want to check out baby wipe warmers.

Baby wipes can feel really cold to a baby, there are baby wipe warmers available. These devices help to warm the wipes.

If you want to prevent diaper rash, give your baby some pants-free time each day if you can. Leaving the diaper off helps the skin of the baby to be exposed to the air and light. Using a diaper cream when the baby has a diaper on is good for protecting his or hers skin.

Photo credit: Sellers Patton on Visual Hunt / CC BY