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Returning to Pitti again, as it does every year, is the presentation of the One-to-watch

Award, the prize awarded by fashion blog Pirouette to the most innovative and interestingbrands at Pitti Bimbo. There are two winners for the 2019 show. The winner of the “Designer” category is Cubcoats, the new Californian brand that launched a very interesting product on the market in 2017: soft toys you can cuddle and take to bed, that transform into lovely warm hoodies when necessary. With a focus on materials, great practicality for mums and an extra cuddly friend for the kids, the Cubcoats have all it takes to become cult objects. In the “Fashion” category, the One-to-watch Award went to Apocalypto Kids, a brand created by two young Estonian artists who brought their high impact style to Pitti, designed for girls who are fast growing up. “Keep the eye on me” is the title of the collection: little faux fur coats, tweed trousers, strong colours, mini-dresses with big appliqué eyes and lots of lurex.

Katie Kendrick, chief editor of Pirouette, presented the award to the two prizewinners: a maxi wooden compass designed by Portuguese artists Maria and João from So-So.

Original article: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/bimbo/events/2019/pirouette.html