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The Pitti Box, the theme of Pitti Bimbo 88, is inspired by the common character of all Pitti Immagine trade-shows events: to be a Surprise Box, extraordinary tin-containers of ideas and innovations to open and switch from season to season in order to tell the newest vibrations of fashion and lifestyle. At Pitti Bimbo, buyers and the press will plunge into a multisensory journey “in-and-out of the box”, discovering the geography of the exhibition and its pavilions. With a set design conceived and curated by life-styler Sergio Colantuoni. “The Pitti Box aims for the surprise factor” says Agostino Poletto, General Manager of Pitti Immagine. “The path of Pitti Bimbo will be marked by many “Boxes”, with which we want to involve our audience in a series of experiences curated by Pitti Immagine. They will be designed as a place of comfort and entertainment, but above all an invitation to meet and share ideas and suggestions, breathing in the unique energy of the event”.

Infinity Box

The special video art gallery where you can dive into The Pitti Box: a space that will offer a high visual-energy-emotional experience.

Park Box

In the square of the Fortezza da Basso, a large covered arena dedicated to sharing food, ideas and moments of relaxation;

Show Box

Ideal container for a talk program with the protagonists of menswear and lifestyle, and at the same time an original photo set to “shoot” and “get shot”;

Recharge Box

The most functional box, to recharge the batteries and to allow yourself moments of escape;

Silence Box

5 minutes of “switch-off”

Out of the Box

Ten huge images located in ten strategic perspective viewpoints of the Fortezza da Basso. Ten looks at nature. Ten telescopes that come out and open onto the world. Ten photos chosen from the Reda archive that, through the extraordinary eye of reporters and artists, have captured the territories of Biella, New Zealand and Australia, underlining their beauty and harshness. Each of the images will focus on the deep bond with nature that man and society must preserve as one of the irresistible duties;

Video Box

The new  behind the scenes digital art project of the promotional campaign of the trade show, a viral video that tells the soul of contemporary childrenswear through the lens of The Pitti Box, produced by Proj3ct Studio

Original article: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/corporate/fairs/bimbo/news/2018/thepittibox.html