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‘American Idol’ Recap The Top 14 Is Revealed After Another Round Of Celebrity Duets

Seven contestants made it through to the Top 14 on last night’s episode of American Idol, and during tonight’s April 8 episode, we’ll find out the other seven that make the cut. First up, though, the remaining ten contestants perform duets with celebrities, and the first to go is Alyssa Raghu. For her celebrity duet, Alyssa sings “Issues” with Julia Michaels, and Julia gives her some invaluable advice about pouring more emotion into her performances.

The judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, praise Alyssa for her performance, particularly the creative decisions she made with her vocals. They also applaud her confidence and how much she’s grown throughout the competition so far. Next, Eddie Island takes the stage with Lukas Graham for a rendition of “7 Years.” During rehearsals, Lukas reiterates what the judges have been telling Eddie all season, and urges him to take the performance seriously and not be afraid to be vulnerable.

Eddie gives the judges just what they’ve been looking for, and Lionel admits that this performance took Eddie to the next level and proved that he can really sing. Wade Cota is up next with a performance of “Broken” with lovelytheband. Wade bonds with the band’s lead singer over their similar upbringings, and their connection onstage takes the performance to a whole new level. As always, the judges love Wade’s performance and he gets another standing ovation. Plus, they make sure to point out that they noticed Wade adding a little choreography to his set, and they’re here for it!

Next up, Ryan Hammond gets to perform with Cynthia Erivo. They sing “Hold On, I’m Comin’,” and Cynthia helps Ryan with his confidence in hitting the big notes. The judges compliment Ryan for holding his own alongside Cynthia’s powerhouse voice, but admit he could use a bit more “swagger” in his stage presence. Next, Evelyn Cormier sings “Wicked Game,” her Idol audition song, with Chris Isaak. Evelyn gets a standing ovation from the judges, and they gush over her “special moment” onstage.

Logan Johnson sings “What A Time” with Julia Michaels next. Logan has a lot of nerves going into the performance, as his last solo performance didn’t receive the best reviews from the judges. After some good words of advice from Julia, Logan is able to open up much more onstage, and the judges applaud him for how well he handled his first duet ever, especially on such a big platform.

Next, Raquel Trinidad performs with lovelytheband. They sing a rendition of “Tiny Dancer,” and the judges are on their feet afterward. Katy tells Raquel she’s never heard her sing so well before, and Lionel gives her some advice for connecting with the audience more, but overall, it’s a positive response.

Fan favorite, Alejandro Aranda, is up next, performing “There Will Be A Light” with his idol, Ben Harper. The judges cant contain themselves from cheering during the intimate performance, and as always, they give him rave reviews. Lionel even assures Alejandro that he will definitely have a career, no matter what happens on Idol. Next up, Dimitrius Graham sings “Love Someone” with Lukas Graham. From almost the very first note, the judges are blown away, and they give Dimitrius a standing ovation. Katy even says it’s her favorite performance of the day and calls Dimitrius “the male Beyonce.“

To close out the night, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon teams up with Cynthia Erivo for a rendition of “Time After Time.” Their rendition is absolutely gorgeous, and the whole crowd goes nuts. It’s no surprise when Jeremiah gets a standing ovation. Now, it’s time for the judges to make some cuts — three people will be going home.

Laci Kaye Booth, Ashley Hess, Walker Burroughs, Laine Hardy, Uche, Riley Thompson and Madison VanDenburg are already in the Top 14. Joining them from tonight’s episode will be: Evelyn Cormier, Dimitrius Graham, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Alyssa Raghu, Wade Cota, Eddie Island and Alejandro Aranda. Unfortunately, that means it’s the end of the road for Raquel Trinidad, Logan Johnson and Ryan Hammond.

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